Basic Vehicle Maintenance Course

DrivingYouth Basic Vehicle Maintenance Course

DrivingYouth Garage is the main garage for BDTAS and DrivingYouth vehicles maintenance and repairs.  In addition to vehicle repairs we now offer:

Basic Car Maintenance Courses,

Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Courses, and

DIY Vehicle Body Maintenance Courses.

Aim: To ensure that clients have an awareness of their vehicle condition and basic repairs.

On a regular basis, you should tune up as well as replace consumable items such as motor oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, wiper blades and brake pads.

Some vehicles also require mechanical maintenance like replacing spark plugs, drive belts, timing belts or chains, and air and fluid filters.

Belts and hoses wear out over time. Rubber hoses can crack or swell, which leads to leaks that could leave you stranded. As your car approaches 100,000 miles, a check of hoses for the radiator, power brakes and power steering are a necessity.

Our garage offers a range of routine vehicle maintenance services including tune-up services, inspection and replacement of belts and hoses.

Keeping up to date with scheduled maintenance will help your car run more efficiently. You’ll avoid the potential for expensive damage that could cost a lot more down the road.



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