We're located in Vaucluse Raceway in St. Thomas. To find us just type "DrivingYouth" in Google.


  • We will teach You about road safety and car control; this will include:
    • Moving off and Stopping
    • Safe use of mirrors
    • Gear changes
    • Emergency stopping
    • Smooth driving
    • Hill Starts
    • Hazard Awareness
    • Parking
    • All reverse maneuvers
    • Dealing with junctions
    • Roundabouts
    • Crossroads
    • Meeting traffic
    • Slaloms
    • And much much more…

  • Young drivers (17-24 years old) are at a much higher risk of having a collision than older drivers. Drivers aged 17-19 only makeup 5% of license holders but are involved in 9% of serious and fatal crashes where they are the driver.
  • We are committed to helping young people stay safe on the roads of Barbados.
  • We have worked with Barbados Road Safety Association and are aware of the true impact of seriously injured or killed young drivers.
  • DrivingYouth along with BDTAS, has produced a unique young driver program that educates drivers, on the principals of driving from a young age.
  • The team at DrivingYouth are very passionate and wants to drive down collision figures. As well as teaching Young Drivers, driving skills for life, we invite Emergency Response Services and local organizations to come along on selected dates, to advise everyone on all aspects of driving. This can empower younger drivers with the extra knowledge/skills, they need, to make their driving on the road safe.

Yes, drivers must be over 4ft 10 inches tall and must be over 12 years old.

At this moment in time, we can only cater for SEN (special educational needs) and hearing impaired, please note that we do not currently have any cars that have adaptions to cater for physical disabilities, but we are more than willing to accommodate/ try.

We offer a variety of different transmissions, this ranges from manuals, automatics and semi-automatics. We always try to give you the car of your choice, but we can't guarantee that this will always be possible as this all depends on the availability of cars we have on that day.

Where you have made a booking or purchased vouchers from us, you may cancel the booking at any time within 4 days of your booked event without losing your money
To cancel, please let us know that you wish to cancel by emailing us at contact@DrivingYouth.com or by telephoning/ WhatsApp the booking team on 247-9797.

When you cancel a booking and you’re within the 4-day cancellation policy, we will do our upmost best to give you a refund as quickly as we can. If you cancel less than 4 days before an event or you fail to attend an event, you shall not be entitled to any refund or credit note.

Yes it is. All our instructors are Covid aware and ensure that all rules are strictly followed. Our instructors will wear a face covering and the car windows will been down as appropriate to allow air ventilation. We also carry out a lateral flow test days before leading up to the event.

The cars will be sanitised, before and after each session as we have to protect the public too so we are very conscious about Covid safety. Should you or your child contract Covid after the event, then please contact the track and trace authority and give them our number.

Sign up  and we will contact you too book you in...

Please follow the instructions below to make payment...

Once you have reserved the date, Please make payment to:

CIBC First Caribbean using 1stPay

Telephone Number: 1246 247 9797
Email: michaelb@bdtas.com


BRANCH 09326


Once you have made payment, please WhatsApp proof of payment to: +1246 247 9797 stating attendee’s and your name…

If you have any issues please feel free to contact us.
Barbados Driver Training Advisory Services (BDTAS) is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Please try to arrive 15 minutes before your session and check in at reception.

Please don't arrive too early as there might be other customers trying to leave the event and we don't want it to get too crowded, for safety reasons.

Once your session has completed, please try to leave the area as we have to get the event ready for the next session.

How do I schedule my In-Car Lesson ( Behind the Wheel )?

Your drives can be scheduled through the student portal; you received an email at the beginning of your registration with a username and password to access on the website into your student portal. Through the calendar view you will be able to access the drives that work for your schedule.

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