Introducing the DrivingYouth Street Safety Project

DrivingYouth is a safer, more all-inclusive way to learn how to drive. Our goal is to teach young drivers Lifelong Driving Skills.  

The  DrivingYouth Playground is our privately-operated Street network. There we are free of all the noise, traffic, and pressure found on public streets. We use the same quality teaching methods, that we teach to our Trained Driving Instructors (TDI’s).

DrivingYouth is the only young driver initiative in Barbados, that provides you with all of the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to become a responsible and safe driver.

We offer lessons for those aged 12 and older, at DrivingYouth Vaucluse. Clients can take advantage of numerous driving simulation courses.

We also offer courses for seniors (17+), who might want to brush up on their skills, before they go on the streets.

We have a FAQ / Facts section that’ll answer most of your questions…


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