What is the objective for Lesson 8?

During this lesson, your ADI should make sure that you can drive with due care and attention where there is a significant volume of other traffic.


What is the minimum the lesson should cover?

This lesson should focus on:

  • defensive driving.
  • recognising risks to the safety of others; and
  • co-operating with other road users.

During the lesson, you should drive in traffic in a variety of busy road conditions so that you have significant interaction with other road users.


Expected outcomes: what should I have learned by the end of Lesson 8?

At the end of the eighth lesson, you should be able to show that you can:

  • act appropriately and decisively while driving in traffic.
  • describe actual and potential risks to other road users and manage them effectively.
  • demonstrate how to use defensive driving techniques, which do not cause hesitation or impede reasonable progress; and
  • demonstrate a good level of co-operation with other road users.




How should I prepare for Lessons 9 – 12?

Your next lesson could be any one of Lessons 9, 10, 11 or 12 as these can be taken in any order.

To achieve the expected outcomes from your next lesson, you should have:

  • completed Lesson 1 to Lesson 8.

Before you do your next lesson, you should ask your ADI for advice on the relevant study material, practice, and/or driving lessons.


Practice is key

To feel confident about meeting the learning objectives, you should also have:

  • read the expected outcomes of the next lesson (as agreed with your ADI).
  • done enough practice with your ADI, Sponsor, or both; and
  • done any relevant study.

Specifically, you should have practised for at least three hours, driving with due care and attention, in situations where there is a significant volume of other traffic.

You should also have read the sections in the Rules of the Road that deal with:

  • driving safely through traffic

You should have acted on any feedback your ADI gave you at the end of your last KEY DRIVER TRAINING (KDT) lesson.

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