Barbados Driving Licence FAQs

Barbados Driving Licence Frequently Asked Questions Barbados Driving Licence FAQs

Private Car = Automatic or Manual

Light Goods = Automatic/Manual

Heavy Goods = Truck. (Must be 18yrs)

If you are renewing at the end of a six (6) month period the cost is $35bds and the permit will be valid for three (3) months.

If renewing at the end of a three (3) month period the cost will be $60bds and the permit will be valid for six (6) months.

Take your  Barbados Identification card to the Barbados Licensing Authority’s office located in the Pine, St. Michael to apply for the lost permit.

After receiving the necessary paperwork you can pay the associated fee at any BRA office.

This depends on the individual, however, you must be in possession of a valid driver’s permit for a period of three (3) months before taking the driving test.

We suggest at least two (2) hours per week. However, the more practice you're able to get in, the  likelihood of becoming more competent in driving proficiency is greatly increased.

We recommend  20 to 30 hours.

As a baseline 1.5 hours for each year of your life.


In order to receive a date for a driving test please present a valid driver’s permit to the BLA office. You will also be required to make a payment of $100bds to any BRA office.

N.B. It is recommended that the payment be made before the date of your driving test.

Applications for license upgrades are done at the BLA office.  After receiving the necessary paperwork a payment of $80bds can be made at any BRA office after which your permit will be issued.

Please visit the offices of the BLA and you will be directed to the appropriate personnel. After an assessment is completed you will be notified if you are required to take the driving test again or otherwise.

Apply for a police report within your district. After the report has been obtained, please take it in to the BLA office.

Yes. Please present your existing license to the BLA along with some form of Barbados identification.

N.B. The possibility exists that you may be asked to take a driving test.

Yes. However, only if the following circumstances are true:

  • You are in possession of a valid work permit

  • You are in possession of a valid student visa

Regulation Test  $30bds

Learner's Permit $80bds

Driving Test $100bds

Driver's License $50bds

International Driver's License $65bds

You will be required to produce your valid driver’s licence as well as apply for a ‘Visitor’s Permit’.

A visitor’s permit may be obtained from;

  • Barbados Licencing Authority, located at The Pine, St. Michael
  • Oistins Police Station,
  • Hastings Police Station
  • Holetown Police Station
  • Most car rental companies
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