Basic Vehicle Maintenance

The DrivingYouth Basic Vehicle Maintenance Beginners’ Course will teach you the key skills to maintain your vehicle for daily use. Discover how to:

  • check your vehicle’s important fluid systems,
  • remove and replace a wheel,
  • check that your tyres comply with the law and safety,
  • check and replace wiper blades,
  • check and replace bulbs,
  • remove minor scratches,
  • restore your vehicle’s trim,
  • restore your paintwork, and
  • keep your paintwork in perfect condition.

This is a practical course, taught in one of our vehicle repair workshops. You will gain maintenance experience, so that you can feel secure while driving. This course teaches you everything you need to know about basic vehicle maintenance.

You will move at a continuous pace studying one evening a week for six weeks.

DrivingYouth will teach you how to add years of dependable life and service to your car.

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